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Mega Hall of Fame

  • Look who is changing India

    Look who is changing India


    The work of bringing out a magazine is ceaseless and deadline driven. We go from one issue to the next ...

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  • Anupam Mishra

    Anupam Mishra

    “Water harvesting is not some ATM into which you can put a card and get water,” said Anupam Mishra in ...

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  • Sachidanand Bharti

    Sachidanand Bharti

    Uttarakhand's hillsides are cursed with forest fires in the dry summer months. But not so in Ufrainkhal in Pauri Gawhwal ...

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  • Dipankar Chakraborti

    Dipankar Chakraborti

    In the 1980s, long before India had woken up to the problems of automobile emissions, Dr Dipankar Chakraborti, then a ...

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  • Dhrubajyoti Ghosh

    Dhrubajyoti Ghosh

    If the magical East Calcutta Wetlands are surviving, in whatever truncated form, the credit should to Dr Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, who ...

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  • Laxman Singh

    Laxman Singh

    The village of Laporiya in Jaipur district, Rajasthan, gets just 300 mm of rainfall in a year, but it is ...

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  • Ravikant Singh

    Ravikant Singh

    When calamities strike anywhere in India, almost always it is Doctors For You who turn up. It has been so ...

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  • Damera Yadaiah

    Damera Yadaiah

    It was Dr Damera Yadaiah's team at the Special Care Newborn Unit at the Nalgonda District Hospital that nursed 650-gramme ...

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  • Sathyanarayanan Mundayoor

    Sathyanarayanan Mundayoor

    There are many surprising things about Sathyanarayanan Mudayoor aka Uncle Moosa and often just Uncle Sir to many. First is ...

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  • Zakia Soman

    Zakia Soman

    There is the Triple Talaq Bill and much before that there was Zakia Soman, fighting for the rights of Muslim ...

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  • Puli Raju

    Puli Raju

    Puli Raju, a government schoolteacher in Medak district in Telangana, has been keeping track of farmer suicides since 2004. With ...

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  • Javed Tak

    Javed Tak

    Javed Tak's journey after a bullet hit his spine in 1996 shows just how much one can do whilst in ...

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  • Girish Bharadwaj

    Girish Bharadwaj

    An engineer can transform lives. Girish Bharadwaj learnt that by sheer chance and stayed hooked. When he got his mechanical ...

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  • Ratish Nanda

    Ratish Nanda

    Humayun’s tomb and other monuments in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi have been elaborately restored in an effort that would ...

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  • Parveena Ahangar

    Parveena Ahangar

    In 1990 in Srinagar, when Parveena Ahangar’s son went missing because he was mistaken for a militant, the question was, ...

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  • K. Loganathan

    K. Loganathan

    K. Loganathan has been successful in driving out the fear of mathematics from his students. His ability to bring maths ...

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  • Sumoni Jhodia

    Sumoni Jhodia

    Sumoni Jhodia presides over the Ama Sangathan, a federation of several tribal groups in Odisha. It makes brooms and deals ...

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  • Kaittally Raman Jayan

    Kaittally Raman Jayan

    Kaittaly Raman Jayan spent 11 years working in Dubai but the jackfruit tree which had given his family food security ...

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  • Kabir & Preeti Vajpeyi

    Kabir & Preeti Vajpeyi

    School buildings mostly end up being either boring or daunting. But what if they could be designed to be attractive ...

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  • Gyarsi Bai

    Gyarsi Bai

    When Gyarsi Bai died in 2018, Baran district in Rajasthan lost an important local leader. She belonged to the marginalised ...

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  • Govind Desai

    Govind Desai

    The communal riots of 2002 in Gujarat scarred relations for both Muslims and Hindus. When Urja Ghar was set up ...

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  • Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar

    As secretary of Telangana’s Social Welfare Residential Schools, Praveen Kumar is much loved and admired. A tall, lean man with ...

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  • Fatima, Acquiline and Matilda

    Fatima, Acquiline and Matilda

    When Fatima Mynsong, Acquiline Songthiang and Matilda Suting came to Civil Society’s Hall of Fame, they sang an anti-corruption song. ...

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  • Sitanath De

    Sitanath De

    Dr Sitanath De, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, could have earned crores. But his early childhood experiences ...

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  • Jogesh Kumar

    Jogesh Kumar

    Most young doctors dislike working for the government health system in rural areas. But at the age of 25, Dr ...

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  • Bashir Ahmad Mir

    Bashir Ahmad Mir

    Bashir Ahmad Mir’s life is marked with tragedy. It is that experience which pushed him to help others who have ...

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  • Boya Pedda Rajanna

    Boya Pedda Rajanna

    Boya Pedda Rajanna is a traditional veterinarian with vast knowledge of animal medicine. The fact that he dropped out of ...

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  • M.N.R. Venugopal

    M.N.R. Venugopal

    Dr Madhugiri Narayana Rao Venugopal, a scientist with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), was living a retired life ...

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  • Aziza Tyabji Hydari

    Aziza Tyabji Hydari

    Aziza Tyabji Hydari was teaching in schools for deaf children for nearly a decade when she left her job in ...

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  • Kim Chaddha

    Kim Chaddha

    In 1994, when Kim Chaddha found that her daughter was quite deaf, she was devastated. When her daughter was four, ...

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  • Chetan Ram & Rawat Ram

    Chetan Ram & Rawat Ram

    If the ordinary man gets his due in Nokha in Rajasthan, it is because of the Soochna Kendra that Chetan ...

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  • Shankar Singh

    Shankar Singh

    Shankar Singh has played a key role in spreading awareness about the Right to Information (RTI) law in the villages ...

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  • Sanjay Sahni

    Sanjay Sahni

    When Sanjay Sahni used a computer for the first time in August 2011, he didn’t know that he would be ...

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  • Mohammed Gafur Chhipa

    Mohammed Gafur Chhipa

    Schools need good leaders. Mohammed Gafur Chhipa is a visionary. When he was made headmaster of the Government Upper Primary ...

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  • Rev. Pyrtuh, Rev. Sawkmie & Rev. Lyngkhoi

    Rev. Pyrtuh, Rev. Sawkmie & Rev. Lyngkhoi

    In 2005 in Shillong, Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh, Zambolis Sawkmie and Moody Lyngkhoi, pastors with the Presbyterian Church, started asking questions about ...

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  • Prakash Vinjamuri & S.V. Kameshwari

    Prakash Vinjamuri & S.V. Kameshwari

    How best to spread the word about medical malpractices? Nothing can be better perhaps than getting doctors to talk about ...

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  • Sudha Sinha

    Sudha Sinha

    Children with cancer have a good chance of surviving. But where do you find a pediatric ward and that too ...

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  • C.R. Elsy

    C.R. Elsy

    Indian farmers are invariably at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting their intellectual property rights regarding their crops. They ...

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  • Nilesh Mohite & ANT

    Nilesh Mohite & ANT

    More than 150 million people suffer from some form of mental illness in India, but there are just 4,500 psychiatrists ...

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  • Honnesara Paniyajji Manjappa

    Honnesara Paniyajji Manjappa

    A child labourer on a coffee plantation is now an assistant engineer in a power corporation in Karnataka, because of ...

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  • Women of Bundi

    Women of Bundi

    “I am the chairperson of my company,” said Savitri Gaur to loud applause from the large Delhi audience gathered to ...

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  • Mangal Singh

    Mangal Singh

    Mangal Singh is no engineer, but one doesn’t need to go to engineering college to create something. Singh is a ...

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  • Osama Manzar

    Osama Manzar

    As India goes digital, equality in access becomes crucial. It is what makes the difference between giving people the benefits ...

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  • K.P. Arjunan

    K.P. Arjunan

    In traditional medicine, reading the pulse is a part of diagnosis. An evolved physician will find what he needs to ...

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  • Ganesh Babu

    Ganesh Babu

    A garden shouldn’t be just a visual delight, believes Dr Ganesh Babu, a botanist at the Foundation for Revitalisation of ...

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  • Yaradi Krishna Murty

    Yaradi Krishna Murty

    When the Andhra Pradesh government handed over 900 acres of a wetland or beela in Srikakulam district to a construction ...

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  • Rajkumar Sharma

    Rajkumar Sharma

    In Rampurabas in Rajasthan’s Tonk district, Rajkumar Sharma brought the government’s upper primary school to the level of a private ...

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  • V. Ganesan

    V. Ganesan

    Puducherry’s BR Ambedkar Government Middle School is in the middle of a slum and headmaster after headmaster had declared that ...

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  • Naurti Bai

    Naurti Bai

    Everything about Naurti Bai is a departure from the norm. She was the Dalit sarpanch of Harmada, a Rajasthan village ...

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  • Indraani Singh

    Indraani Singh

    In 1995 when Indraani Singh became India’s first female pilot to be Commander of an Airbus-300, she was an inspiration ...

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  • People's Forester

    People's Forester

    When forest fires ravaged the hills of Uttarakhand one vast stretch went unscathed. This is Ufrainkhal where communities have grown ...

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  • Prasanna Rajendran

    Prasanna Rajendran

    Agricultural research stations of the government are normally so mired in neglect and sloth that no one bothers too much ...

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  • Chintakindi Mallesham

    Chintakindi Mallesham

    Chintakindi Mallesham has revolutionised the way the famous Pochampalli silk sari is made in Andhra Pradesh. He has invented and ...

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  • Beeram Ramulu

    Beeram Ramulu

    In Warangal district of Telangana, Beeram Ramulu uses the Right to Information law to access government records on farmer suicides. ...

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  • Gautam Sharma

    Gautam Sharma

    A school needs good teachers to serve its purpose, but it also needs good administrators. Gautam Sharma is that. In ...

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  • Ramesh Gharu

    Ramesh Gharu

    Ramesh Gharu is a charismatic teacher and his classroom at the government school at Siyani village in Rajasthan is always ...

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  • Archana Godbole & Jayant Sarnaik

    Archana Godbole & Jayant Sarnaik

    Archana Godbole, a botanist, and Jayant Sarnaik, a public-spirited nature lover, have redefined the economics of conservation. Their organisation, Applied ...

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  • Begari Lakshmamma

    Begari Lakshmamma

    In Humnapur village of Telangana, no farmer buys seeds from seed companies. They don’t need to, because Begari Lakshmamma’s seed ...

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  • Evita Fernandez

    Evita Fernandez

    Evita Fernandez is literally married to her profession — she chose to remain single so that she could focus on ...

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  • Chiranjeeb Kakoty

    Chiranjeeb Kakoty

    Dr Chiranjeeb Kakoty began the Northeast Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses (NESPYM) in Guwahati to spread awareness ...

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