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  • Give with heart: Some gems from small producers

    Give with heart: Some gems from small producers

    There is often  a dilemma when it comes to finding an ideal gift for loved ones. The country is teeming ...

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  • Terracotta medley

    Terracotta medley

    Mansi Verma's stall sells a delightful jumble of things you’d love to take home.  An attractive lamp glows gently behind ...

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  • Child’s Potli

    Child’s Potli

    Potli is a wondrous khazana for little children. It introduces the child to the colourful, artistic world of Indian folk art and ...

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  • Coconut treasures

    Coconut treasures

    Rabiah is an NGO which sells a range of coconut products. There is coconut milk, coconut powder, coconut pickle, coconut ...

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  • Tableware from neem

    Tableware from neem

    The wondrous neem tree is famous for its many medicinal qualities. While neem leaf and bark have been used for ...

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  • Puppets and lampshades

    Puppets and lampshades

    Interested in quirky puppets? Dalavai Kullayaapa, an artist from Nimmalakunta, a remote village in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, makes ...

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  • Delightful sip

    Delightful sip

    Manipur’s sylvan villages have within their folds a wealth of biodiversity which is slowly vanishing from its landscape and fading ...

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  • Rustic wool

    Rustic wool

    India’s rich tradition in wool is fading from memory. For centuries pastoral communities sheared wool from sheep and sold it ...

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  • Earthy skincare

    Earthy skincare

    First Water Solutions offers a range of natural cosmetic products from solid perfumes and face scrubs to body lotions and ...

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  • Himalayan delights

    Himalayan delights

    The Inhere Aajivika Utthan Samiti (IAUS), an NGO in Almora district of Uttarakhand, runs a successful non-profit, Himalayan Fresh, which ...

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  • Seed or flower?

    Seed or flower?

    Abracadabra! You can create magic too. Plant a pencil, sprinkle some water and watch it grow into marigold flowers. Seed ...

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  • Cane comfort

    Cane comfort

    Makon Home makes furniture and other products from rattan cane and bamboo. Pooja Moirangthem founded Makon Home to market cane ...

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  • Smell divine

    Smell divine

    Niyor makes perfumes that are natural and unusual. Founded by Ishan Bhasin in 2019, Niyor’s perfumes are made from essential ...

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  • Soft toys and more

    Soft toys and more

    Deepa Pant, an alumnus of NIFT, started Svatanya to help empower underprivileged women by upskilling them to make handcrafted products. ...

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  • Northeast's specials

    Northeast's specials

    Fear not the big bad city. Armed with the world’s hottest chilli, the famed bhutjholokia of Northeast fame, you can whoosh away ...

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  • Baiga wall art

    Baiga wall art

    Baiga art is bright and beautiful and looks fabulous on a wall. “It’s our traditional craft and we love doing ...

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  • Warm and cosy

    Warm and cosy

    Project Purkul is a cloth-based handicrafts collective based in Purkul village near Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. The women artisans here are ...

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  • Bliss with jaggery

    Bliss with jaggery

    Instead of white refined sugar try healthier options made with organic jaggery and honey.  Founded by Apeksha Grover Bagga, Doree ...

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  • Vegan spreads and snacks

    Vegan spreads and snacks

    Peepal Farm rescues animals and runs an organic farm in Dhanotu village in Himachal Pradesh. Started in December 2014 by ...

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  • Stitches of love

    Stitches of love

    Devotion is an apt name for a shop that sells products lovingly made by rural women in Haryana. You can ...

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  • Snowy animal dolls

    Snowy animal dolls

    Have you seen animals from snowy Ladakh in warm Delhi? Of course not. But you could catch a glimpse of ...

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  • Eco-friendly rice

    Eco-friendly rice

    India is undergoing a rice revolution in long forgotten rice varieties. Farmers are keen to grow traditional varieties and consumers ...

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  • Arty puzzles

    Arty puzzles

    Froggmag sells folk, tribal and miniature art jigsaw puzzles. Run by Shalini Ghosh, an alumnus of the National Institute of ...

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  • Fine handicrafts

    Fine handicrafts

    Some Fine Handicrafts has tables, trays, lamps and furniture with beautiful art work. You can buy a tray with a ...

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  • Guitar from Ladakh

    Guitar from Ladakh

    Tsering Angchuk is a musician from Changtang in Ladakh. Sitting inside his stall at Dilli Haat, he strums a traditional ...

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  • Art and a story

    Art and a story

    Patachitra is Bengal’s traditional art of scroll painting, still largely done with natural colours. Patuas or chitrakars are a community ...

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  • Wooden games, trinkets

    Wooden games, trinkets

    Shikha Shah makes and sells colourful wooden games, trinkets and even repurposed car tyres. Shah began Scrapshala in 2016, learning ...

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  • Upcycled décor

    Upcycled décor

    Get handpainted decor, stationery and items for festivities while supporting the women in Delhi’s Ghazipur slum community. Gulmeher strives to ...

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