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  • Another SEZ exemption

    Another SEZ exemption

    On 27 April, the environment ministry issued an Office Memorandum (OM) clarifying how projects operating within existing industrial estates, parks ...

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  • Sand mining is still a menace

    Sand mining is still a menace

    The mining of sand from riverbeds and beaches is now a globally recognised emergency.  In February 2017, the Guardian carried ...

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  • Onus on govt for land acquired

    Onus on govt for land acquired

    When people’s movements and researchers welcomed India’s new land acquisition law in 2013, it came with one caveat. The colonial ...

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  • NGT puts real estate on notice

    NGT puts real estate on notice

    In December the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) principal bench delivered a flurry of final hearings and judgments. The chairperson, Justice Swatanter ...

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  • After POSCO left

    After POSCO left

    SIlence can mean different things. It could mean that all is well. Or that you didn’t hear the noise.We don’t ...

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  • EIAs are slipshod

    EIAs are slipshod

    Poor environment impact assessment (EIA) reports are an old story now. The environment ministry acknowledged this a long time ago. ...

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  • Unused land isn’t returned

    Unused land isn’t returned

    Ever since India enacted the new land acquisition law in 2013, people have been debating its clauses related to repatriation ...

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  • Why 5 June is a pretence

    Why 5 June is a pretence

    It’s just gone by, 5 June or World Environment Day. Once again there were email alerts, text messages and announcements ...

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  • The biodiversity riddle

    The biodiversity riddle

    Is the law facilitative or regulatory? asks a representative. Regulatory, replies another, with conservation and sustainable use as its focus. Two ...

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  • Strange green ideas

    Strange green ideas

    Will the Narendra Modi government’s flagship projects like Sagarmala — an ambitious port modernisation plan — and the interlinking of ...

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  • EIA needed for real estate

    EIA needed for real estate

    Just 12 years after building and construction projects first came under the purview of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) regulation ...

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  • Tracking sand mining

    Tracking sand mining

    The illegal removal of sand from riverbeds and beachfronts has triggered debate on the many legal challenges of regulating a ...

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  • Behind green messaging

    Behind green messaging

    Is it frustrating or simply boring to see newspapers filled with ‘Let’s plant a tree’ and ‘Save the environment’ ads ...

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  • Goodbye to POSCO

    Goodbye to POSCO

    In 2005, I began following the POSCO (Pohang Steel Company) story closely. The legislation for setting up Special Economic Zones ...

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  • Perils of quick approvals

    Perils of quick approvals

    It was with great pride that the Union ministry of environment’s achievement to reduce the time taken for environmental approvals ...

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  • Return to Niyamgiri

    Return to Niyamgiri

    Niyamgiri is back in the news. That tired question, whether or not the bauxite deposits that lie underneath its forest ...

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  • Gaps in sand mining law

    Gaps in sand mining law

    The mining of sand and gravel has emerged as a major regulatory concern in the last decade, especially because of ...

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  • A forest in limbo

    A forest in limbo

    In mid-December, the international environmental discourse was bustling with analyses of the good and the bad of the Paris climate ...

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  • Questions on Renuka Dam

    Questions on Renuka Dam

    On 2 February, there were ecstatic news reports about how the latest decision of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) would ...

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