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  • Learn from China

    Learn from China

    China sneezes and the world catches a cold. And shivers. This is a new world. Global markets did not wait ...

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  • If policy could be more real

    If policy could be more real

    India’s economy and society are marked by a deep and extensive dualism. There are examples galore — backward agriculture versus ...

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  • Govt needs better talent

    Govt needs better talent

    A senior French journalist, who has spent nearly seven years in India, called me recently for my views on the ...

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  • Liberate farmers from fields

    Liberate farmers from fields

    The NDA government should be commended for reissuing the ordinance to amend the Land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlement (LARR) Bill, ...

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  • Walking a fine line

    Walking a fine line

    Ever since his electoral victory, the question facing Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been: will he successfully lead India on ...

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  • Missing the bus on coal

    Missing the bus on coal

    My avant-garde friends tell me that nationalism and patriotism are not only old-fashioned but politically incorrect values in these days ...

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  • Niti Aayog’s first steps

    Niti Aayog’s first steps

    The National Institute for Transformation of India (NITI) Aayog was formally launched on 8 February with the first meeting of ...

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