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‘We caught every unseasonal rainfall last winter’

More people are logging into Skymet since its weather forecasts are perceived as accurate, accessible and closer home. Skymet has also been nimble in offering weather and agriculture-related services to state governments.
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Ragpickers get ousted by compactors in Kolkata
Its proving tough to resettle the ragpickers and help them benefit from government schemes since they have no address or identity.
Tourism slumps in Kashmir
The tourist season this year was a damp squib in Kashmir for political reasons and those in the tourism sector squarely blame the state government.
Kerala’s leafy campaign
Sajeevan Kavumgara has been educating people about the roots and shoots they should eat. He also holds Leafy Vegetable Science Festivals for schoolchildren.
India’s herbal industry wants a more workable biodiversity law
”The Biodiversity Act should be a medium for promoting conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources,” says Janak Rawal, President of FEDMAPS.
AMBA’s unusual work force
AMBA has developed the world’s first visual methodology of learning called the ‘Learn and Earn’ concept. This allows intellectually disabled adults to perform back office data entry jobs accurately and easily.
Adapted from a Vijaydan Detha-authored fable, the exquisitely well-crafted film, ‘Lajwanti-The Honour Keeper, does a fine job of capturing the poetic quality of the celebrated Rajasthani litterateur’s writing.
Sarmoli village in Munsiyari has 15 homestays in three villages. Run by the Maati Sangathan, it offers you a taste of village life in India. Guests can try their hand at planting potatoes, digging a pond, fixing solar lanterns, clearing cow-dung, taking care of goats, or learn knitting. You can also go trekking and bird-watching and try local cuisine.
Kerala’s annual boat frenzy

From July to September, the tranquil backwaters of Kerala resound with the chants of ‘thai thai thaka thaka thai thom’ as oarsmen splash to the fast paced rhythm of the vanchipaattu (boat song). This is the season for boat racing in Kerala, a sport that attracts tourists from around the world.
Reshma Valliappan is a 35-year-old activist and spokesperson on mental health who has refused to conform to the socially constructed ideal of normality. Instead, Reshma embraces the notion of being different – including how she looks and how she approaches mental health.
People to people
SightLife came to our notice some years ago. We knew immediately that it was a story worth writing. SightLife's efforts with its Indian partners are a good example of how collaborations should be built between countries — in this case India and the US.
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