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‘Towns need to be strengthened’

The rural economy has been in decline, but people coming off the land in search of jobs haven’t been turning up in established Indian cities. Slower rural to urban migration will have an adverse effect on India’s economic growth.
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Bhils paid for land but they don’t own it
Around 3,000 Bhils in Dungarpur district live in perpetual fear of being evicted by the state govt. Decades ago they bought this land from the Maharaja.
Crowdfunding a rally
A big rally in Delhi of farmers and labour to demand their rights was financed inventively by the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan.
A true teacher
Professor Rohinton Kapadia, who died in hospital after a prolonged battle with cancer early on the morning of 11 January, was one of those rare individuals and teachers who could not be described as a public figure at all in spite of having nurtured generations of students in the English department of St Xavier’s College, Kolkata, where he started taking classes in 1968.
Land law helps PPPs
A recent ordinance on land acquisition issued by the BJP government dramatically does away with consultation and consent at local levels for projects that are being undertaken in the public interest.
Nagarro goes with cycles
The IT company in Gurgaon has set up cycle stands with 25 hybrid Montra bikes so that employees can commute to and fro from its six office buildings. “All our employees love the new bikes,’ says Megha Jha.
India has been grappling for years with leftwing extremism in around 200 districts in nine states. Countering Naxalism with Development, edited by Professor Santosh Mehrotra, analyses the roots of leftwing extremism and what can be done.
Crowdfunding appears to have grown roots in the cinema of south India. In the course of a little over one year, three independent directors – two from Kerala, one from Tamil Nadu – successfully dug into multiple sources of finance to bring their debut films to fruition.
Juncture of world cultures

Strolling down the quaint alleyways of the old part of George Town, we felt we had stepped back in time. This multicultural city in Penang is littered with a myriad neoclassical churches, Hindu temples, gilded Chinese temples, palatial mosques, opulent mansions and white colonial buildings.
Opposite the majestic Taj Mahal is a humble symbol of love, a small cafe called Sheroes Hangout. The innocuous cafe, tucked into one of Agra’s byzantine lanes, is, like the Taj, unique. Started on 9 December 2014 by Stop Acid Attack Network, it employs five survivors of acid attacks.
Goonj – Rahat Flood Campaign
The Uttarakhand floods have wreaked havoc and taken heavy toll on lives and livelihoods. Many villages have been washed away. The death toll is uncertain and thousands are still stranded in the upper reaches of the state and are waiting for rescue and relief materials to reach them.
Getting land right
It is unwise to seek instant solutions to the challenges of land acquisition and environment protection. Yet that is precisely what the NDA government seems to be trying to do with the ordinance on land and the directives emanating from the environment ministry.
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