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‘Microfinance is now part of a grander plan’

A whole new financial architecture is emerging for promoting financial inclusion. It has various new elements like small finance banks, payment banks, post office banks and the business correspondent.
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Young RTI warriors from Himalayan heights
The Mountain’s Children’s Forum has been helping school children file RTI applications on education, health and infrastructure. These little warriors have been remarkably successful.
Anganwadi protest grips J&K
Thousands of anganwadi workers and helpers have been holding agitations. The government has not paid them for months and they aren’t promoted for years.
Help accident victims
A Good Samaritan can now take the accident victim to hospital and leave at once. No questions will be asked. The disclosure of personal information has been made entirely voluntary.
Cleaning up jaggery
The Karnataka government has set up a Jaggery Technology Park that manufactures chemical-free, hygienically made jaggery from organically grown sugarcane.
India’s pension planner
Founded by Gautam Bhardwaj, Invest India Micro Pension Services is the first experiment in the world that helps India’s working poor to save for their old age so that when they can’t work anymore they aren’t left impecunious.
A group of spunky women with disability have been speaking up in India, attracting some attention. Prof Asha Hans captures their voices and of academics in her edited book, ’Disability, Gender and the Trajectories of Power.’
In Yaadhum (meaning ‘all’ in Tamil), filmmaker K.S. Anwar takes us on a journey in search of his roots and identity as a Tamil Muslim. The film traces the rich heritage shared by Muslims, Christians and Hindus in southern India. Islam drifted gently across the Arabian Sea to southern India some 2,000 years ago.
On the silk trail

Where does Karnataka’s lustrous silk come from? To find out, we embarked on a silk trail to Vijaypura and Sidlaghatta, a cluster of villages near Devanahalli on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Beautiful saris are spun here.
Kosish’ understanding is that palliative care for the aged who are terminally ill needs four tools: medical, psychological, social and spiritual. Medicine will do only part of the job.
Figuring out CSR
We in this magazine have never been comfortable with the government making corporate social responsibility (CSR) mandatory. It is not the same thing as having companies whose managements are socially responsible and believe in a culture of investing in society and giving back.
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