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‘Trained manpower for small hospitals doesn't exist in rural areas’

'We are talking about minimum standards. We are not talking about quality standards. It is important to differentiate between quality standards and minimum standards.'

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Mandakini ki Awaaz is Rudraprayag’s new voice
It isn’t just entertainment that the newbie radio station offers. It aspires to be a reliable voice when disaster strikes.
NGOs to run some Delhi municipal schools
The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) is planning to outsource the management of several of its under-utilised primary schools to non-profit organisations.
The street fighting laureate
Kailash Satyarthi’s Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) would search for factories in Delhi employing children and get them freed by the police.
A Zero Sum fix for traffic
A pilot version of an intelligent traffic system was been unveiled in Ahmedabad on 10 October. Installed by Zero Sum, a Japanese development services company, the boards evoked a lot of interest.
Jackfruit for all seasons
Rain or shine, it is now possible to enjoy jackfruit all through the year. A new factory in Palakkad churns out dehydrated jackfruit that swells in water and is then ready to be dunked into curries.
Tigers, directed and co-written by Oscar-winning Danis Tanovic, brings to the big screen a former Pakistani salesman’s battle to make Nestle, the world’s largest food company, pay for unethical practices in the marketing of infant formulas.
Mathew Cherian’s book, A Million Missions - The Non Profit Sector in India, is a tidy little book with an appealing title. Cherian gives an excellent insider’s account of the sector, estimated by one version to consist of 100,000 organisations dedicated to the upliftment of the poor.
Taiwan’s historic wetlands

After experiencing the clutter and cacophony of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, we yearned for a green escape. So we headed to Mataian Wetland Ecological Park for a close communion with nature.
Meet the 5 entrants to the Civil Society Hall Of Fame. The Soya Project | Praveen Kumar | Shankar Singh | Doctors For You | Rev. Pyrtuh, Rev. Sawkmie Rev. Lyngkhoi
Goonj – Rahat Flood Campaign
The Uttarakhand floods have wreaked havoc and taken heavy toll on lives and livelihoods. Many villages have been washed away. The death toll is uncertain and thousands are still stranded in the upper reaches of the state and are waiting for rescue and relief materials to reach them.
A running hero
When a man decides to run 10,000 km across India in 120 days, from the coast to the mountains, it is only right to stand up and applaud his effort. It is in this spirit that we have devoted our cover story to the very amazing Raj Vadgama.
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