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Primary health centres in Mysore have been experiencing a new lease of life thanks to the efforts of GRAAM, a voluntary organisation, which has shown people how to demand services.

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’AAP’s leaders have exposed themselves’

Dr Harshvardhan says AAP worked to a Congress script in Delhi. If the BJP comes to power in the state it will ensure good governance through transparency like the municipal corporations run by the party have been providing.

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Life in the dark on the LoC
Villages along the LoC in Jammu continue to light kerosene lamps. Electricity supply is erratic and so dim that kerosene lamps emit more light.
AAP grows rural appeal
To reach out to voters in Kurukshetra in Haryana, AAP’s volunteers visit villages daily, talking to farmers, listening to their grievances and trying to win their confidence by promising that the ‘jhaadu’ will change their lives.
Linda’s special family
Sheela Linda is 38 and has a pleasing personality. There is no reason for this attractive Adivasi woman to be single. Yet, she has chosen not to get married so that she can raise a large family of children with disabilities.
The Dream Weaver family
Dream Weaver is a small company that produces biodegradable single-use garments for hospitals and wellness clinics. Founded by Denise Huffton, this company employs underprivileged women with a troubled past.
More plants, cheaper drugs
A postgraduate in botany from Dehradun, Sheikh Gulzaar specialises in producing fruits and medicinal plants. He has an annual production of 50,000 plants.
Director Manju Borah in her film Ko:Yad etches out a central figure that is endowed with great dignity and an irrepressible zest for life that survives a series of setbacks. The film is visually stunning and emotional.
Some of Rajasthan’s most accomplished folk singers and musicians converged at the three-day Lok Utsav (Festival of Folk Arts) held at the Barefoot College in Tilonia village of Ajmer district.
It’s amazing the things that seashells scattered on a beach can be turned into.
Carnival with social message

In February, Goa’s sandy beaches and streets burst into four days of festivities before Lent, a period of religious observance preceding Easter. This carnival is marked by colour, culture, dance, drama, masquerade, Goan cuisine and entertainment. There is a breathtaking display of floats, colourful parades and lively processions.
Toybank was founded 10 years ago by Shweta Gopalachari. Toybank reaches 5,000 children in Mumbai and surrounding cities with games and toys. Around 300 volunteers and four fulltime staffers work for it.
Goonj – Rahat Flood Campaign
The Uttarakhand floods have wreaked havoc and taken heavy toll on lives and livelihoods. Many villages have been washed away. The death toll is uncertain and thousands are still stranded in the upper reaches of the state and are waiting for rescue and relief materials to reach them.
Reviving a PHC is a big thing
We tend to give up all too easily on government-run services. The reality is that in spheres like education and healthcare there can be no serious alternative to what the government should be delivering. The challenge is in getting institutions at various levels to perform. But so daunting is the task that we don’t feel inclined to even try.
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